Sunday, 12 April 2009


I very much liked the idea of my name being around somewhere for a long time. I enjoyed the permanence aspect so I started to think wherelse I could go. Naturally, I though about getting a tattoo so I visited some tattoo web forums to ask about hoof tattoos and whether anyone had one or would consider getting one. Mainly, I got abuse back from people. Realising this was a big ask I thought I'd avertise it on gumtree and offer to pay for it. And I got some more abuse.

But then I got an email from a woman named Paula who said she'd do it if she could pick the font. I thought this was a fair deal so she went off to get the quote. Amazingly it came to £50 (just in budget) so we decided to go ahead with it.

Then I lost track of Paula and I thought the whole thing was off. I sent her a barrage of emails asking if she'd changed her mind but I got nothing. Then a fortnight later she sent message, she'd been away without an internet connection. She was still up for it, in fact she had booked herself in at her local parlour the following week.

And so after a few more days of waiting an email enititled "ouch!' arrived in my inbox it contained this message....

"I have several names tattooed onto my body: Denise (my mum) Gladys (my gran) Nate (my son) Andrew (my boyfriend) Blue (a girl I got drunk with, at a tattoo shop) and Elvis Presley (on my ass) But you, Ben Harris, are the only one with hooves".

....and these photos:

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