Friday, 3 April 2009


I’ve always wanted someone to immortalise me in art. But statues cost more than fifty quid, so I thought the best thing to do is get a love song written about me and pay for it.

So I started mooching around the web and found a site called They have lots of artistes and songwriters here who've written a bunch of ‘template songs’ that each contain lines for inserting personal information, like a loved one's name for their birthday. They record this in the song and upload an mp3 of it for you on a personalised web page - all for 39 quid. So, I had a listen to a few of these template songs and
picked this one called 'You Make My Life Complete' by a fella named Dennis Briones. Then I used my girlfriend Kate’s email address to pose as her for correspondence purposes, just in case they refused a fella who wants a love song written about himself. And as I began to write the first contact email, ‘Operation Ditty’ was underway…….

The reason I didn’t just want to be referred to as ‘Stephen’ is because any Stephen could claim to be the Stephen in a ‘Stephen’ song. Anyway, all was going well when me/Kate got this reply….....

So, still posing as Kate, I replied….

Brilliant! They fell for it!
On the site there's an order form for each song where they ask you for other info about the person that they can replace other lines of the song with. So, I thought I’d push my luck further and see if I could get him to sing the silliest stuff I could think of. Firstly, they wanted to know where you and your other half met, so I put ‘the zoo’. Then they wanted to know what colour the person’s eyes are, so I put ‘gravy brown’ and finally they asked for another term of endearment you use for that person – so I put ‘Beanface’ and pressed ‘send’. I was sure I’d be rumbled when I got a reply from Alan saying the song was ready, so I eagerly clicked here to my very own special weblink to hear it.

But that's not all, I've put together a unique video for it by editing together footage from the viral video available from this website.

Ok, get ready to press play on the video below.
Presenting ‘STEPHEN ALAN YORKE YOU MAKE MY LIFE COMPLETE’ by Dennis Briones........

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